The Rise Ben Ohau

A space for simplicity; for finding peace in the here and now.


Here, we honour the slow unfolding of time. We embrace the ephemeral imperfection of nature. We see beauty in the raw, unfiltered world around us, and experience it all with a deeper sense of connection - to each other, and to our surroundings.

The Rise is exclusive-use accommodation for two, located on private land within Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve, where a tranquil aesthetic creates an immersive experience; a grounding into the rugged surrounds of our alpine region. 

The Rise is not just a place to witness nature in its most authentic state, but to feel a part of it. 


A balance of luxury and authenticity

The Rise offers a quiet take on luxury. Our cabin sits humbly tucked beneath the vast Ben Ohau range where you’ll experience nature’s beautiful extremes while cocooned from the Southern elements in wabi sabi inspired comfort. Equal parts raw and refined, we’ve created cohesion with the exterior world through natural materials, earthy tones and textures, and spaces that unify the outside with the in.

Discover the magic of the Mackenzie region

While simply being present within the quietude of The Rise could be all you need to feel both awakened and rested, there is still more for the seekers, the explorers and the do-ers to discover. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric spectacle of Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve, experience the geological contrasts of our alpine backyard, and indulge in days of unhurried exploration.


Our vision

We understand the significance of memories; of experiencing more of the moments that take your breath away. For us, the foundations of The Rise are infused with meaning; imagined as a legacy of togetherness and presence, a place to make time truly count. It’s our vision that The Rise is where you’ll connect - with nature and with each other - for the kind of experience that lives with you for a lifetime.

This is a place for you to escape and simply be. And as such, we like to give you the space and privacy you need to experience the wonder of this region without disruption. If you need us though, we’re nearby and love sharing our knowledge of this pure and peaceful part of the world.

There’s more to what drives us to share this special place. It’s important to us that more loved ones have the time they need to share moments of meaning. We proudly support our local Cancer Support group by providing regular donations, giving back to an organisation close to our heart.

Your hosts,

Robyn & Dan 

In memory of Roger